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Welcome to Louisville. A place that can springboard your business to a whole new level of success in one of the most dynamic markets for growth in the USA. It’s a Top 5 U.S. Metro for Economic Development, and it’s right in the middle of America, within a day’s drive of 80% of the U.S. population. And, as a VIP prospect you can get a free visit to Louisville…just provide some details below.

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Land. Infrastructure. Workforce. Logistics. Affordability. Incentives. Oh, and it’s a terrific place to live.

Louisville delivers everything your business needs to grow and prosper beyond your wildest expectations. We’re a city that’s doing big things for companies like yours. It’s an economic ecosystem with all the resources to help businesses thrive.

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Find out why so many successful companies are calling Louisville home.

Advanced manufacturing and logistics. Food and beverage. Business services and tech. Health enterprises & aging care. Louisville offers industrial-strength opportunity in all kinds of industries. Find out why — just talk to Clark Welch, Director of Economic Development for Greater Louisville Inc.

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Louisville is a hotbed of economic development. And the sooner your organization gets in on it, the sooner you’ll gain a competitive edge for your business. Click below to find out about all the incentives and opportunities specific to your company’s needs.

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This is your moment. Your chance to separate your company from the pack – in a city that’s built for business. Let’s get the conversation started. Give us some information about you and your organization and we’ll get right back to you with information about how Louisville can deliver the competitive edge your business demands. Hello, Louisville!

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