Food & Beverage


Quills Coffee storefront window.

Homegrown and world-renowned.

Louisville is a foodie’s dream. Aside from our unique and multicultural dining scene, we also help food and beverage companies quickly go from concept to consumer. Kentucky Fried Chicken is our claim to fame, but you may not know that Yum! Brands and Papa Johns Pizza have roots in Greater Louisville. In 2021, tofu producer House Foods America Corp. announced a $146.3 million investment in a Louisville facility, creating 109 full-time jobs.

Greater Louisville is internationally known for our signature spirit – bourbon, and those aging barrels are also a key part of the regional economy. Home to Brown-Forman Corp., Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, Angel’s Envy, and more, bourbon is more than a tourist attraction. Greater Louisville-based companies produce and ship across the globe and employ thousands of Louisvillians. A craft beer scene is continuing to grow in Greater Louisville, with new breweries and taprooms popping up each year and growing in the region and beyond.

cuban sandwich with a coaster next to it reading "Monnik Beer Company"

Top 10 Food & Beverage Employers

Company Full Time Employees
Papa Johns 15,000
QSR 12,500
Kroger 10,000
Beam-Suntory 6,000
Caesar’s Southern Indiana 2,400
JBS 1,200
Brown-Forman 1,166
Yum! Brands 1,129
Texas Roadhouse 796