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As the Aging Innovation Capital of America and the recognized center for the health insurance industry, Louisville’s existing business environment has been quick to adopt and support innovative approaches to apply technological breakthroughs to the healthcare industry. From AI-driven technology to help doctors diagnose, to medical records and health data analysis, Louisville companies are paving the way for seamless integrations of tech into health care. As a result, biomedical manufacturing and digital health are key targets within the Health Enterprises & Aging Care industry cluster.

The Health Enterprises Network (HEN) leads, organizes and facilitates region-wide economic growth in the healthcare sector through a theme-based approach to programming and initiatives. HEN is an investor-led organization of thought leaders that aim to provide meaningful and measurable results for the region’s healthcare sector through the following methods:

  • Educational Programming
  • Communication & Collaboration between regional organizations
  • Community Focused Projects
  • Professional Networking
  • Access to Advocacy
  • Health-Related Data Resources
Gloved hands removing a human heart from a person's chest cavity.

Top 10 Health Enterprises & Aging Care Employers

Company Full Time Employees
Norton Healthcare Inc. 14,413
UofL Health Inc. 13,183
Humana 11,243
Baptist Healthcare System Inc. 9,030
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 1,400
Trilogy Health Services LLC 1,271
Seven Counties Services Inc. 1,153
Signature HealthCARE LLC 1,013
Clark Memorial Health 952
Mortenson Dental Partners 702