Beautiful shot of downtown Louisville

Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city and its economic engine with a population of more than 780,000 residents. The city serves as the strategic location for thousands of companies, including Humana, UPS, Brown-Forman, Ford, GE Appliances, YUM! Brands, and Texas Roadhouse. As the primary international logistics hub for UPS Airlines and home to the largest concentration of health and aging innovation companies in the world, Louisville is a highly competitive environment for advanced manufacturing, logistics, life sciences, beverage brand development, and back-office solutions.

Two women walking downtown through a bourbon installation

Louisville boasts a high quality of life, with top-rated arts organizations, culturally rich amenities, and access to world-renowned parks and recreational opportunities. In fact, Louisville is one of only a dozen U.S. cities that has all five performing arts offerings, and in 2023, Travel and Leisure ranked Louisville as the fourth most beautiful and affordable place to live in the United States. The city also earned a top 10 spot for cities with the happiest workers. Additionally, Louisville maintains a strong national reputation for its high-quality food and beverage scene. In 2023, U.S. News and World Report ranked Louisville at No. 15 on a list of the top destinations for foodies for its outsized influences on the culinary scene.

Night shot of the Kentucky International Convention Center in downtown Louisville

Louisville is a thriving, diverse and inclusive community with a proven track record of growing and scaling companies while simultaneously creating a dynamic place for workforce from all walks of life to establish a home. Our community is poised for continued strategic growth while maintaining our authentic essence. Louisville is the place for business and talent to find a home and prosper!

Jefferson County by the Numbers

Jefferson County

Jefferson County

Jefferson County20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$48,114,386,751$73,949,447,34653.7%
Median Household Income$61,633
Per Capita Income$36,533
Poverty Level9.9%
Unemployment Rate3.5%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.7%
Average Commute Time22.3
Number of Remote Workers34,839
Percent of Remote Workers9.1%
Education - Less than 9th Grade19,53814,299-26.8%
Education - 9th-12th Grade41,91031,983-23.7%
Education - High School Diploma145,788141,619-2.9%
Education - Some College116,955117,6220.6%
Education - Associate's Degree35,13744,82827.6%
Education - Bachelor's Degree91,082114,96726.2%
Education - Graduate Degree or Higher61,10978,05227.7%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.2%
Median House Value$190,700
Median Monthly Rent$954
Percent Occupied Housing Units91.3%

Source: Lightcast

Greater Louisville Region

Greater Louisville Region

Greater Louisville Region20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$69,126,603,887$106,360,978,85053.9%
Median Household Income$71,033
Per Capita Income$34,919
Poverty Level7.6%
Unemployment Rate3.5%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.4%
Average Commute Time27.0
Number of Remote Workers59,276
Percent of Remote Workers6.9%
Education: Less than 9th Grade41,82628,187-32.6%
Education: 9-12th Grade84,22666,209-21.4%
Education: High School Diploma312,017315,9451.3%
Education: Some College219,747230,8315.0%
Education: Associate's Degree71,75896,30134.2%
Education: Bachelor's Degree146,043192,02231.5%
Education: Graduate Degree or Higher93,667123,66032.0%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.3%
Median House Value$178,593
Median Monthly Rent$847
Percent Occupied Housing Units90.1%
United States

United States

United States20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$15,912,802,819,300$24,767,834,615,60055.6%
Median Household Income$69,021
Per Capita Income$37,638
Poverty Level8.9%
Unemployment Rate3.6%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.7%
Average Commute Time26.8
Number of Remote Workers15,061,684
Percent of Remote Workers9.7%
Education: Less than 9th Grade12,837,12310,919,561-14.9%
Education: 9-12th Grade17,391,41714,341,868-17.5%
Education: High School Diploma58,751,74060,598,8613.1%
Education: Some College44,359,41245,588,2612.8%
Education: Associate's Degree16,032,80720,324,52126.8%
Education: Bachelor's Degree37,281,93347,929,73328.6%
Education: Graduate Degree or Higher22,125,35330,620,66438.4%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.2%
Median House Value$244,900
Median Monthly Rent$1,163
Percent Occupied Housing Units88.8%