Welcome to historic Jeffersontown and their famous gaslight festival.

A beautiful community nestled inside Louisville.

In the heart of Louisville, Jeffersontown proudly stands as the 11th largest city in Kentucky, home to a dynamic community of over 30,000 residents. The city thrives on a unique synergy between community and commerce, serving as a bustling hub of economic activity.

Jeffersontown’s Bluegrass Commerce Park is the largest in the state, spanning 2,400 acres and hosting 1,200 businesses. This sprawling hub fuels an impressive 31,000 jobs across 16 diverse industries. The Commerce Park has also evolved into a hub for professional services, making Jeffersontown the perfect location for a range of businesses. Plus, with support from five universities and colleges in Louisville, there is a strong supply of skilled talent.

Aerial shot of the Jeffersontown industrial park

Key industries, including health and life sciences, construction, banking, financing, logistics, and warehousing, are well-represented among the city’s top employers. Powerhouses such as Papa John’s, ADP, Baptist Health, Lantech, Air Hydro Power, Amgen, Delta Dental and Signature Healthcare are Jeffersontown’s largest employers representing thousands of jobs.

Jeffersontown, fondly known as “J-town” also touts a high quality of life with a range of housing and amenities. The city places a strong emphasis on cleanliness and offers many of its own public services.  J-Town prides itself on public safety and provides 58 sworn police officers that work closely with local businesses.   A Renaissance is underway in the Historic Gaslight Square District in downtown Jeffersontown, marked by a $4 million streetscape project and the integration of a new amphitheater nestled between downtown and the Bluegrass Commerce Park.

If you’re looking for a place where your business and employees can thrive, Jeffersontown could be the perfect place to call home.