Meade County, Kentucky educational center

Scenic beauty paired with a thriving commerce hub.

Nestled near world-renowned Fort Knox and on the banks of the Ohio River, Meade County is a thriving hub for commerce. Its economic heartbeat comes from large businesses in advanced manufacturing like Monument Chemical and the newly constructed Nucor Brandenburg Steel Mill. These companies continue to invest in the county and propel its growth.

Nucor not only raised its average salaries to $75,000 a year with benefits but also invested heavily in education. Meade County is regarded across the state for its strong school system and career pipeline development. The extension office, the largest in the state, plays a pivotal role in culinary education, featuring 12 kitchens to meet the rising demand for restaurants and amenities. The Meade County Career & Technical Center, through a partnership with Nucor, trains 1,500 to 1,600 students in various careers. Local schools also got a boost with a $20 million investment, focusing on auto machines, Tool and Die, and HVAC programs. This investment opens more opportunities for students and helps the community thrive.


Arial image of Meade County, Kentucky

With a growing population of 30,000, Meade County is a county on the move. The county has experienced recent infrastructure and community investments, including a public library infused with a $2 million investment.

Meade County’s scenic beauty unfolds along its impressive 56 miles of riverfront, adorned with walking trails and lush greenery. Meade County is known for its robust transportation infrastructure, including rail and riverfront access that can help transport products efficiently.

Meade County by the Numbers

Meade County

Meade County

Meade County20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$454,129,107$832,153,07183.2%
Median Household Income$63,944
Per Capita Income$30,625
Poverty Level13.1%
Unemployment Rate3.6%
Labor Force Participation Rate48.2%
Average Commute Time32.6
Number of Remote Workers719
Percent of Remote Workers5.4%
Education: Less than 9th Grade955557-41.7%
Education: 9-12th Grade1,7781,541-13.3%
Education: High School Diploma7,4138,59616.0%
Education: Some College4,9104,738-3.5%
Education: Associate's Degree1,6532,23335.1%
Education: Bachelor's Degree1,2622,21775.7%
Education: Graduate Degree and Higher1,0831,63651.1%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.9%
Median House Value$164,100
Median Monthly Rent$859
Percent Occupied Housing Units86.3%
Greater Louisville Region

Greater Louisville Region

Greater Louisville Region20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$69,126,603,887$106,360,978,85053.9%
Median Household Income$71,033
Per Capita Income$34,919
Poverty Level7.6%
Unemployment Rate3.5%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.4%
Average Commute Time27.0
Number of Remote Workers59,276
Percent of Remote Workers6.9%
Education: Less than 9th Grade41,82628,187-32.6%
Education: 9-12th Grade84,22666,209-21.4%
Education: High School Diploma312,017315,9451.3%
Education: Some College219,747230,8315.0%
Education: Associate's Degree71,75896,30134.2%
Education: Bachelor's Degree146,043192,02231.5%
Education: Graduate Degree or Higher93,667123,66032.0%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.3%
Median House Value$178,593
Median Monthly Rent$847
Percent Occupied Housing Units90.1%
United States

United States

United States20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$15,912,802,819,300$24,767,834,615,60055.6%
Median Household Income$69,021
Per Capita Income$37,638
Poverty Level8.9%
Unemployment Rate3.6%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.7%
Average Commute Time26.8
Number of Remote Workers15,061,684
Percent of Remote Workers9.7%
Education: Less than 9th Grade12,837,12310,919,561-14.9%
Education: 9-12th Grade17,391,41714,341,868-17.5%
Education: High School Diploma58,751,74060,598,8613.1%
Education: Some College44,359,41245,588,2612.8%
Education: Associate's Degree16,032,80720,324,52126.8%
Education: Bachelor's Degree37,281,93347,929,73328.6%
Education: Graduate Degree or Higher22,125,35330,620,66438.4%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.2%
Median House Value$244,900
Median Monthly Rent$1,163
Percent Occupied Housing Units88.8%