Oldham County, Kentucky

Small town feel with big city amenities.

Located in the heart of North Central Kentucky, Oldham County is a vibrant community bursting with opportunities and charm. The county takes pride in being home to the most educated, healthiest, and wealthiest population in Kentucky. What was once a rural landscape has transformed into a bustling residential community, driven by a renowned and award-winning school system. The 1,000-acre Oldham Reserve Campus is a mixed-use 1,000-acre development site that has become a thriving hub for innovation.

Bourbon distillery with rows of bourbon barrels

The healthcare sector is on the rise, with Baptist Health LaGrange expanding and a new $40 million pharmaceutical headquarters coming soon that will create an additional 200 jobs with competitive salaries. The county’s largest employer is the Rawlings Group, a legal services firm for healthcare providers, which currently has 1,650 employees in the region.

Oldham County embraces its cultural heritage of bourbon and horses. The charming Main Street in LaGrange has been featured on national television. Tourism flourishes in the county, drawing visitors eager to explore the quaint towns and the captivating AlleyLoop murals.

With a wide range of amenities and a skilled workforce, Oldham County is an attractive destination for businesses looking for a vibrant and growth-oriented place to call home.

Oldham County by the Numbers

Oldham County

Oldham County

Oldham County20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$1,405,646,274$2,474,970,53276.1%
Median Household Income$109,815
Per Capita Income$46,833
Poverty Level4.2%
Unemployment Rate2.5%
Labor Force Participation Rate64,6%
Average Commute Time26.7
Number of Remote Workers4,204
Percent of Remote Workers12.9%
Education Less than 9th Grade1,2291,024-16.7%
Education Less than 9th Grade2,1971,673-23.9%
Education High School Diploma9,5728,979-6.2%
Education Some College9,0029,7878.7%
Education Associate's Degree3,0034,18939.5%
Education Bachelor's Degree9,96812,06421.0%
Education Graduate Degree or Higher6,0978,94046.6%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate0.3%
Median House Value$314,300
Median Monthly Rent$1,032
Percent Occupied Housing Units95.8%
Greater Louisville Region

Greater Louisville Region

Greater Louisville Region20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$69,126,603,887$106,360,978,85053.9%
Median Household Income$71,033
Per Capita Income$34,919
Poverty Level7.6%
Unemployment Rate3.5%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.4%
Average Commute Time27.0
Number of Remote Workers59,276
Percent of Remote Workers6.9%
Education: Less than 9th Grade41,82628,187-32.6%
Education: 9-12th Grade84,22666,209-21.4%
Education: High School Diploma312,017315,9451.3%
Education: Some College219,747230,8315.0%
Education: Associate's Degree71,75896,30134.2%
Education: Bachelor's Degree146,043192,02231.5%
Education: Graduate Degree or Higher93,667123,66032.0%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.3%
Median House Value$178,593
Median Monthly Rent$847
Percent Occupied Housing Units90.1%
United States

United States

United States20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$15,912,802,819,300$24,767,834,615,60055.6%
Median Household Income$69,021
Per Capita Income$37,638
Poverty Level8.9%
Unemployment Rate3.6%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.7%
Average Commute Time26.8
Number of Remote Workers15,061,684
Percent of Remote Workers9.7%
Education: Less than 9th Grade12,837,12310,919,561-14.9%
Education: 9-12th Grade17,391,41714,341,868-17.5%
Education: High School Diploma58,751,74060,598,8613.1%
Education: Some College44,359,41245,588,2612.8%
Education: Associate's Degree16,032,80720,324,52126.8%
Education: Bachelor's Degree37,281,93347,929,73328.6%
Education: Graduate Degree or Higher22,125,35330,620,66438.4%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.2%
Median House Value$244,900
Median Monthly Rent$1,163
Percent Occupied Housing Units88.8%