Main square in Scottsburg, Indiana

Innovation paired with a small town atmosphere.

Scott County, Indiana, is located 30 minutes north of Louisville, Kentucky, straight up Interstate 65. Formed in 1820, it is now a charming scenic area with a large agricultural presence.

In Scottsburg, you’ll find a charming downtown city square filled with local businesses and the historic Scott Theatre. Scottsburg has several outdoor activities, including Hardy Lake State Recreation Area, Cornucopia Farm, and Knobstone Flower Farm. The city also boasts a manufacturing sector, with companies such as American Plastic Molding Corporation, Conco, Inc., Genpak Corporation, and Samtec, Inc. in the city.

Hardy Lake in Scottsburg, Indiana

The Mid-America Science Park and Conference Center, is located in Scottsburg. The center has 112,000 square feet of space, with an additional 19 acres reserved for expansion. The center focuses on training and workforce development for adults and students wishing to enhance their skills.

Austin, Indiana is home to Morgan Foods, the largest employer in Austin. Morgan Foods was established in 1899, and was a major employer during the Great Depression. Now, it is one of four manufacturing plants in the area. Austin has a small-town atmosphere and one stoplight. There are plans for renovations, reconstruction, and more economic development, making this not just an area to stop, but a place to live.

On April 8th, join Scott County for the solar eclipse! The county is included in the narrow band of the full eclipse, which will provide an exciting opportunity.

Farmland in Scott County, Indiana

Whether you are stopping in for travel or pulling in for good, Scott County is a charming, scenic area with great people and exciting recreational opportunities.

Scott County Municipalities:

  • Townships – Finley, Jennings, Johnson, Lexington, and Vienna
  • Cities and Towns – Austin and Scottsburg

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Scott County

Scott County

Scott County20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$528,670,226$860,961,67762.9%
Median Household Income$45,794
Per Capita Income$24,351
Poverty Level16.6%
Unemployment Rate2.6%
Labor Force Participation Rate54,1%
Average Commute Time23.3
Number of Remote Workers616
Percent of Remote Workers5.9%
Education: Less than 9th Grade1,4981,058-29.4%
Education: 9-12th Grade2,2662,3995.9%
Education: High School Diploma6,8216,9802.3%
Education: Some College2,9823,1074.2%
Education: Associate's Degree1,0311,27623.8%
Education: Bachelor's Degree1,0881,63450.2%
Education: Graduate Degree and Higher56671626.5%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.2%
Median Household Income$117,100
Median Monthly Rent$733
Percent Occupied Housing Units89.1%
Greater Louisville Region

Greater Louisville Region

Greater Louisville Region20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$69,126,603,887$106,360,978,85053.9%
Median Household Income$71,033
Per Capita Income$34,919
Poverty Level7.6%
Unemployment Rate3.5%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.4%
Average Commute Time27.0
Number of Remote Workers59,276
Percent of Remote Workers6.9%
Education: Less than 9th Grade41,82628,187-32.6%
Education: 9-12th Grade84,22666,209-21.4%
Education: High School Diploma312,017315,9451.3%
Education: Some College219,747230,8315.0%
Education: Associate's Degree71,75896,30134.2%
Education: Bachelor's Degree146,043192,02231.5%
Education: Graduate Degree or Higher93,667123,66032.0%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.3%
Median House Value$178,593
Median Monthly Rent$847
Percent Occupied Housing Units90.1%
United States

United States

United States20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$15,912,802,819,300$24,767,834,615,60055.6%
Median Household Income$69,021
Per Capita Income$37,638
Poverty Level8.9%
Unemployment Rate3.6%
Labor Force Participation Rate62.7%
Average Commute Time26.8
Number of Remote Workers15,061,684
Percent of Remote Workers9.7%
Education: Less than 9th Grade12,837,12310,919,561-14.9%
Education: 9-12th Grade17,391,41714,341,868-17.5%
Education: High School Diploma58,751,74060,598,8613.1%
Education: Some College44,359,41245,588,2612.8%
Education: Associate's Degree16,032,80720,324,52126.8%
Education: Bachelor's Degree37,281,93347,929,73328.6%
Education: Graduate Degree or Higher22,125,35330,620,66438.4%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.2%
Median House Value$244,900
Median Monthly Rent$1,163
Percent Occupied Housing Units88.8%