Project Perspective: ISCO Expands Riverport Footprint

ISCO Industries was founded in Louisville in 1962. While we started as a company that specialized in underground golf course irrigation, we have been a global manufacturer and distributor of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping products for nearly 50 years. We currently operate 37 facilities across the U.S. and Canada, with our core operations based in Louisville’s Riverport Industrial Park.

Last year, we were looking to grow our operations and immediately turned to our friends at Greater Louisville Inc. for support. Our new project will add 75,000 square feet of production space. Throughout the process, GLI and their team of economic development experts were critical partners who provided research, connected us with government contacts, and helped move the process along at a record speed.

It was a relatively easy decision to expand our presence in Louisville. Not only is Louisville the long-time home of ISCO’s headquarters, the region is also nationally renowned as a hub for logistics. For us, being able to move our parts and products quickly gives us a major edge over our competition and helps us provide world-class service to our customers. Louisville simply offers more amenities than other regions we would consider and having strong existing relationships with a partner like GLI, who can simplify the process for us, made it a no-brainer.

From the time we reached out to GLI to the time we closed on the new land in Riverport, the entire process took three months – a rapid timeline for this scale of project. Not only did GLI provide a clear roadmap of how we can move this project forward, they were also invested in its success. The team checked in regularly, made calls to move the process along, and helped provide all the necessary contacts.

This project will create dozens of new jobs here in Greater Louisville and further expand the region’s growing manufacturing and logistics industry. We plan to break ground on the project later this year once we conclude engineering design and open the new facility in mid-2025.

There are many exciting opportunities for growth in Greater Louisville, and GLI and its regional partners are critical to helping our region grow. GLI provides a range of customized support and can help businesses identify opportunities for incentives, partnerships, and locations. I am looking forward to continuing working with GLI and growing ISCO in Greater Louisville for many years to come.

Mark Kirchdorfer is the president of ISCO Industries