Riverport’s Foreign Trade Zone keeps Greater Louisville a hub for advanced manufacturing

In 1977, Louisville’s Riverport Authority received its Grant of Authority, establishing the first Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) project in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The FTZ has brought new opportunities for manufacturing companies in the area and across the Commonwealth to reduce costs.

FTZs are designated locations in the United States where companies can use special procedures to reduce, delay or eliminate duty payments on foreign merchandise. Known as FTZ No. 29, the Riverport is able to sponsor zone projects in 25 designated counties in Kentucky as well as other areas of the commonwealth and works with operators like GE Appliances, UPS, Hitachi, and North American Stainless, among many others.

Greater Louisville continues to grow as a hub for manufacturing and logistics innovation. Riverport is strategically located on the banks of the Ohio River, a major tributary of the Mississippi, and within a few minutes’ drive of major interstates like I-65, I-64, and I-71. By utilizing Riverport’s FTZ, companies can delay or reduce duties paid on imported parts. But the benefits do not end with imports. Riverport’s FTZ can help cut costs, but many companies also benefit from locating in Greater Louisville and utilizing Riverport’s 14 mile short line railroad or UPS Worldport to efficiently transport their finished goods across the globe.

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