Bullitt County20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$1,760,676,863$3,277,411,33986.1%
Median Household Income$67,892
Per Capita Income$31,194
Poverty Level10.2%
Unemployment Rate2.9%
Labor Force Participation Rate63.0%
Average Commute Time28.3
Number of Remote Workers2,176
Percent of Remote Workers5.5%
Education: Less than 9th Grade2,4231,791-26.1%
Education: 9-12th Grade5,8364,300-26.3%
Education: High School Diploma20,94824,36616.3%
Education: Some College11,65113,38914.9%
Education: Associate's Degree4,0235,98048.6%
Education: Bachelor's Degree3,9546,54265.5%
Education: Graduate Degree and Higher2,4413,48842.9%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate1.2%
Median House Value$182,000
Median Monthly Rent$879
Percent Occupied Housing Units94.0%