Trimble County20122022% Change
Gross Regional Product$175,627,437$238,949,08436.1%
Median Household Income$62,125
Per Capita Income$26,799
Poverty Level14.3%
Unemployment Rate3.2%
Labor Force Participation Rate55.4%
Average Commute Time27.7
Number of Remote Workers146
Percent of Remote Workers4.0%
Education: Less than 9th Grade366217-40.7%
Education: 9-12th Grade69482518.9%
Education: High School Diploma2,5192,80311.3%
Education: Some College1,161864-25.6%
Education: Associate's Degree41348517.4%
Education: Bachelor's Degree579542-6.4%
Education: Graduate Degree and Higher26533124.9%
Homeowner Vacancy Rate2.5%
Median House Value$132,500
Median Monthly Rent$769
Percent Occupied Housing Units84.0%