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We’re Here for You in Lou.

Business with coffee.
Business with coffee.

We’re here to help you get to work.

Greater Louisville has all of the resources to help your business find and attract the talent, and the workforce you need to support your operations.

Live in Lou
Live in Lou is the region’s premier talent attraction and retention initiative. GLI has developed a suite of tools to assist you as you recruit top talent to the region. Employers can post open jobs on the largest local-only job board, access relocation guides, and showcase information to new and existing candidates about what makes Greater Louisville unique. We’ve also developed a thriving City Champs Ambassador program that connects new or prospective residents with trained city ambassadors to provide a warm and friendly welcome.

Workforce Ecosystem Hub
Greater Louisville Inc. has developed a robust Workforce Ecosystem Hub to help both employers and job seekers identify opportunities and partnerships in our community. These include workforce partners, training programs (free and fee-based), financial aid, apprenticeship resources, and yes, that’s just a sampling. Employers can also find resources to eliminate barriers to work, and upskill/reskill their workforce, as well as info on state and federal funding available to supplement the cost of that training.

LinkedIn Talent Insights
Through a partnership with LinkedIn, GLI can develop customized campaigns to help you hire that hard-to-find talent. We analyze available talent across the U.S., identifying geographical areas where the supply of that talent outpaces demand, where salaries and/or cost of living are comparable or beneficial to Greater Louisville, and curate a list of potential candidates who fit those parameters. Email Christine Tarquinio to learn more.

Private Label Talent Attraction Campaigns
If you are looking to expand your business or need to fill large numbers of positions, creating a customized talent attraction campaign is GLI’s bread and butter. By utilizing data gathered from our LinkedIn Talent Insights partnership, GLI builds a customized digital ad campaign to attract the right talent. We develop the creative, place and monitor the media, provide weekly optimizations, and report regularly on engagement. Your role? To accept resumes, interview, and hire great candidates. Email Christine Tarquinio to learn more.

Job Seeker Connection Program
This program allows GLI to identify employers who need talent and match them with employees seeking work. Employers tell us the open positions they are looking to fill, and the GLI Talent & Workforce Team actively searches for talent in the marketplace, then maintains a list of those candidates. When candidates match open positions, we connect you to them.

Mitigating Barriers to Work
Many members of our community face one or more barriers to stable employment. GLI helps employers understand how to mitigate barriers like transportation, childcare, expungement, digital access, and more. Our solutions include educational content, coaching, events, and connectivity to available resources. Check out more information on our website here.

Work-Based Learning Guide
Have you been looking to harness the power of emerging young professionals in your organization, but don’t know where to start in creating an internship? Or do you just want to make sure your internship and co-op programs are following national best practices? This is where GLI works best. For Louisville to outpace the growth of its peer cities, we must ensure we have solid pipelines in place to strategically attract and retain top talent. Our newly-created Employer Guide to Work-Based Learning offers best practices for creating and facilitating successful internship programs, apprenticeships, and classroom partnerships